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we have received your request of information about registering a
domain name under the IT TLD.

Please, note that:

 - currently, the Italian registration procedure doesn't foresee any
   reservation policy for domain names under the IT Top Level Domain.
   A domain can be registered only when at least two nameservers can be
   verified to give authoritative answers.

 - domain names can be requested only by organizations belonging to
   a country of the EU (European Union).

 - starting from January 1998 the domain registration service under .it is
   provided for fee (on a no-profit basis). Information concerning the
   possible types of service contracts are available at:

   Registrations of domain names under .it can be requested only by those
   provider/maintainers that have signed one of the two different
   service contracts mentioned above. A full list of the ISP that have
   drawn up a contract with the Registration Authority, is publicly
   accessible at:
    (clicking on "Interfaccia via WAIS", selecting the "IT-NIC database",
    typing a "*" in the "Maintainer" field and pressing search).

However, in summary, they are:

1) filling in the application form containing all the relevant information
   needed to register a new domain (name of the new domain, authoritative
   nameservers for that domain, technical and administrative contacts and
   so on).
   The form has to be sent via e-mail to domain a from the maintainer.
   Note that it is a waste of time, for everybody involved in the
   registration process, sending the form before the nameservers are
   correctly configured and reachable on the net.

   The named template can be fetched at the following URL:

   Note that the latter contains the instructions to compile the form in

   the proper way. They are also written in Italian language, so we
   suggest you to contact someone belonging to the Italian applicant
   company in order to read and understand the rules and fill the
   template.  This is probably the easiest way to solve any problem you
   may have.

2) compiling a particular letter, called "Lettera di assunzione di
   responsabilita'" in which the Italian company or Italian subsidiary
   declares its need of registering the new italian domain and accepts
   some clauses and rules strictly tied with this type of
   problematics. Note that:
   - The letter must filled in each part. It has to be appropriately
     signed by the administrative contact (tagged as the admin-c in
     the application
     form) who has to reside in Italy. The role hold in the company by
     the admin-c should be clearly typed under his signature.
   The letter must be sent (via fax +39 050 542420 or via snail mail) to the
   Italian Registration Authority.

   For foreign organizations it is suggested to send together with the
   "Lettera di AR" some documentatuions issued in the country of origin
   showing the existence of the organization.

   A template of this letter is stored to the following URL:

Please, do not hesitate to contact us again, if you need further information.

Best Regards

    RERA - The External Relations Unit of the Italian Registration Authority

> Hi
> We are a internet company without any contact or address in ITALY but we
> need to reserve our domain name in .it
> Our domain name:
> our contact and billing address
> Tschanz Management Holding GmbH
> Mr. Jurg Tschanz
> Moosweg 16
> 3429 Hellsau
> Tel 0041 62 968 01 01
> Fax 0041 62 968 01 04
> regards
> Jurg Tschanz
> ________________________________________________________________________
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