naming question

Patrik Kärkkäinen patrik.k a EXCANTO.SE
Ven 4 Feb 2000 08:57:19 CET

Dear sirs,

I hope that you can answer a question about naming rules regarding domain
names in Italy.
I read in December that you have granted fellow EU countries to register
domains in Italy.
This of course was very glad news for us.

So over to my question: We have a corporation here in Sweden that is
registered with the name We.Realize.It.  With dots between every word. In a
near future we are planning to expand our business to other countries in
Europe, including Italy of course. As You can see our company´s name is
almost like an Italian domain, so my question to You is: is it possible to
register the  domain so that  we can  be able to use our company
name as a domain name
This letter is not an attempt to register the domain name, just a question
about the possibility to do so.

I look forward hearing from You

Best regards

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