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Claudio Allocchio Claudio.Allocchio a ELETTRA.TRIESTE.IT
Ven 4 Feb 2000 10:18:52 CET

> So over to my question: We have a corporation here in Sweden that is
> registered with the name We.Realize.It.  With dots between every word. In a
> near future we are planning to expand our business to other countries in
> Europe, including Italy of course. As You can see our company's name is
> almost like an Italian domain, so my question to You is: is it possible to
> register the  domain so that  we can  be able to use our company
> name as a domain name

Yes, you can register "" as a domain name under the ccTLD "it",
provided that name of available at the time you ask for it, of course.

More over, when registering the domain name unde ccTLD "it" you're asked
to self-certify that "you believe to have the right to use that name and
you are not aware of any damage to third party that your use of the name
could do". As that's exactly your corporation name, you are very likely
fulfiling this statement.

You can have the information needed at   (Registration Rules and procedures)   (Registration fares and details)

both sites have an english version available from their home page.

Claudio Allocchio

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