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                 Would You like a FREE COMMON LAW TRUST
                                     ($995.00 value)

               The Kennedy's and the Rockefellers have them.
                                      Why Not You?

   Maybe your uncertain and have a few questions?
   YES - They are absolutely legal and court tested.
   YES - Ultra Wealthy  have used Trusts for centuries.
   NO  - No problems with IRS( if used properly)
   YES - Trusts Offer Tremendous Tax  Advantages
   NO  - You do NOT NEED High priced Attorney's
   YES - Your Business, assets, and all possessions can be protected
         from lawsuits, liens, levies,  judgements, confiscation,
         invasion of privacy, probate, and estate taxes.

                           GET THE FACTS!
         "The Money Trust Asset Protection Software Program"
                       Answers all your questions.

    =>NOTE: We will send you our unique "Trust-On-A-Disk" software
            which will enable you to create your ONE FREE COMMON LAW
            TRUST($995.00 Value).  Choose from 5 different types.
            Family Trust, Off Shore Trust, Business/Management Trust,
            Banking Trust, OR Holding Trust.
    =>PLUS: You can earn an  UNLIMITED INCOME just by passing out our
            Asset Protection Demo Disk to you associates or anyone
            else seeking this vital information.
            IF You Respond Now, I will include a +120 page manual
            which explains how to use your trusts lawfully and legally
            for maximum protection and benefits.

    Call Now: 1-800-320-9895 x2570, leave your name and number,
              fax number, and e-mail address.

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