Claudio Allocchio Claudio.Allocchio a ELETTRA.TRIESTE.IT
Mar 15 Feb 2000 11:00:57 CET

> Is it true that till january 2000 people or company are able to register
> domain names without any proof.

No. The Italian Naming Rules are available at

and the registration procedures are

In order to register a domain name you must self certify that you have
the right to register the domain name and that you are not infringing
third party rights.

> does it really mean that if  I would like to register,  no proof
> is needed and  as a foreign entity I would get this domain name.

It means that you assume full civil and penal resposibility for your use
of the domain name. Thus you can register (sorry, taken by
ferrari auto SpA), the ferrari auto SpA will sue you

> I look forward to hearing from you.
> Sincerely
> Would you please give me a phone number in order to contact you or the
> phone number of NIC IT.

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