Maurizio Codogno mau a BEATLES.CSELT.IT
Mar 15 Feb 2000 11:03:42 CET

> From: Henley Saramandif <henley a>

> We would like some confirmations about your naming rules.
> Is it true that till january 2000 people or company are able to register
> domain names without any proof.

What do you mean, "without any proof"? For registering in it., you
should sign a "Lettera di assunzione di responsabilita`",
a document in which you also state

"...not to know of any reason why the allocation of the requested domain
name could be against third parts' rights ..."

(translation not authoritative!)

Besides, you must be a EU citizen or a EU-based company or a company
with offices in EU in order to do this.

> Would you please give me a phone number in order to contact you or the
> phone number of NIC IT.

I think you need the address for the Registration Authority:
you can find it at

Maurizio Codogno

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