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Salve, vi invio questo rapporto di "Inside ISOC" segnalando: la proposta di
istituzione di ".eu" con riferimento al sito ove si trova l'informazione,
la attivita' dei capitoli di ISOC (la costituzione formale del chapter
italiano di ISOC verra' effettuata nel prossimo mese di marzo) e l'annuncio
della Internet Fiesta che si terra' sempre nel prossimo mese di marzo.
Stefano Trumpy

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>Inside ISOC: A Monthly Report from the Internet Society
>February 2000
>Vol. 3, No. 2
>Editor: Wendy Rickard, editor a isoc.org
>Table of Contents
>1. President's Report
>2. ISOC Operations
>3. Conferences
>4. Education
>5. Membership
>6. Chapters
>7. Public Policy
>By Don Heath, President/CEO, heath a isoc.org
>* Seeking Nominations for 2000 Postel Service Award
>Last year, at INET'99, the first Jonathan B. Postel Service
>Award was awarded to Jon himself, posthumously. It was
>presented to Jon's mother during the opening plenary and
>she accepted it with a touching speech.
>We are now seeking nominations for this year’s award.
>Please check the ISOC Web site at http://www.isoc.org/ for
>information about the award and nominations.
>* ISOC Board of Trustees Elections
>On 31 January 2000, the Nominations Committee filed an
>Interim Report. This report announces the initial slate of
>10 candidates to be placed on the ballot and also invites
>additional nominations by membership petition for
>candidates for the 2000 Trustee Elections.
>Please refer to
>http://www.isoc.org/members/vote/2000election/for the full
>report and complete details of the petition process, or you
>may send inquiries to elections a isoc.org.
>* ISOC and the Emergence of China on the Internet
>As China becomes more involved in the Internet, its
>influence increasingly will become felt, both directly and
>indirectly. Accordingly, I have asked Glenn Kowack to take
>on a project to lead a delegation of interested people from
>around the world to visit China. They will meet government,
>industry, and academic leaders along with Chinese
>entrepreneurs to learn what they are thinking and where
>they are going vis-a-vis the Internet.  Look for information
>coming to you, the ISOC membership, about participation. We
>are planning this trip for June and there is room for broad
>* ICANN At-Large Membership Effort
>The Markle Foundation has funded an effort by the Center
>for Democracy and Technology (CDT) and Common Cause to study
>and make recommendations for establishing the at-large
>directors for the board of ICANN. Their work will include an analysis
>of a membership structure as well as an election process to
>determine the at-large directors.
>They are working well with many entities, including ISOC,
>toward an effective solution for this key part of the ICANN
>organization. You should be aware of this effort; I believe
>it will be important in the ultimate success of ICANN. They
>are just now at the point where substantive details can be
>presented and they intend to do so at the ICANN meeting in
>Cairo in March. I have offered the possibility for them to
>present to the ISOC chapters meeting in Cairo on 5 - 6
>March. The ICANN meeting follows on 7 - 10 March in Cairo.
>Watch the ICANN Web site at http://www.icann.org/ for
>information on joining the At Large Membership. They are
>looking to create an initial membership from informed
>sources. ISOC would be a good source for potential members.
>I do not believe there is any cost associated with ICANN
>membership to vote for the at-large board members of ICANN.
>* ISOC Signs Contract for RFC Editor
>Since the U.S. government ceased funding IANA, ISOC has
>been funding the RFC Editor function for the IETF. We have had a
>one-year contract with the University of Southern
>California from 1 October 1998; we signed an extension until we could
>complete a three-year contract effective 1 October 1999
>through 30 September 2002. This a major additional
>commitment of ISOC to the IETF ($1,295,517) another we are
>happy to provide.
>* ITU Reform Panel
>I am a member of a panel established by the International
>Telecommunication Union (ITU) to assess and make
>recommendations for its reform. There are five areas,
>defined by the ITU, that are being addressed:
>1)  to enlarge its membership by ensuring active
>participation by the new players who are the driving force
>in changing telecommunications and communications-making.
>This particularly includes companies from convergent
>industries, representatives of user communities, financial
>institutions, and regulators;
>2)  to enhance its role as the forum for harmonizing and
>coordinating policies and regulations as they affect the
>global, personal and multimedia networks and services of
>the future;
>3)  to transform its traditional technical activities (e.g.
>standardization and frequency allocation) in order to meet
>the needs of the information age, which includes learning
>to do new things quickly and promptly delivering new products
>and services to its membership;
>4)  to transform its development activities in order to
>support the growth of, and access to, multimedia
>information networks in developing countries;
>5)  to transform its management, functioning and structure
>in order to reflect the new environment in
>telecommunications and to enable it to respond efficiently
>to the requirements of the international community.
>If you have any thoughts on the subject, please send them
>to me at heath a isoc.org.
>By Lynn St. Amour, Executive Director, st.amour a isoc.org
>* Members Only Site
>The Members Only site was launched last month and all
>members should have received their passwords.  If not, or
>if you have questions, please notify us at
>membership a isoc.org.
>As mentioned before, we encourage all members to visit the
>site and send in comments, suggestions, and new ideas. This
>section was created to enhance membership participation and
>value and we'd like to know what you think. So, have a
>wander around and then please take the time to fill out the
>short survey. It will help us to better meet your needs.
>* Job Openings with the Secretariat
>In line with our aggressive plans to expand the Members
>Only section and the benefits we offer members, the ISOC
>Secretariat in Reston is currently seeking Web development
>interns to assist in the maintenance and development of the
>current ISOC Web sites. Applicants should have full
>familiarity with HTML, the ability to work in a Mac/Windows
>environment, and superior writing/editing skills. Graphics
>application experience a strong plus. Position(s) are based
>in the ISOC Reston office and are available part- and full-
>time. If interested, please send a résumé or CV by email to
>mburger a isoc.org.
>* Internet Fiesta
>On 17-19 March 2000 the second global Internet Fiesta will
>be held. The aim of the Internet Fiesta is to expand
>awareness of the Internet on a very local level. It is a
>grassroots effort and can be driven by ISOC chapters,
>individuals, companies, and/or local authorities. Internet
>Fiesta events are meant to showcase the power of the
>Internet and its use in everyday life as well as to provide
>an opportunity to share creative experiences and projects
>using many of the new information technologies.
>For more information, see the Internet Fiesta Web site at
>http://www.internet-fiesta.org. Please list your event at
>http://www.internet-fiesta.org/events/ so that we all
>benefit from the many rich and inspiring ideas.
>You can also visit http://www.internet-
>fiesta.org/fiesta2000/news.html  for news on Internet
>Fiesta projects in Catalonia, Bulgaria, The Netherlands, and many
>others. There is the opportunity to participate in cross
>country events; for example, ISOC Bulgaria would like to
>have live video conferences with other countries, ISOC
>chapters, centers, individuals, and so on. If you are
>interested, contact fiesta a isoc.bg or see its official Web
>site, http://www.isoc.bg/fiesta/ .
>Let's all Fiesta!
>By Richard Perlman, Vice President for Conferences,
>perl a lucent.com
>I am happy to report that NDSS 2000, the Internet Society’s
>annual Network and Distributed System Security Symposium,
>was a great success. A summary report, proceedings
>information, and slides will be available on the ISOC Web
>site in the next few weeks.
>NDSS’01 is scheduled for 7-9 February 2001 at the Catamaran
>Hotel in San Diego, California. The Call for Papers is
>available at http://www.isoc.org/ndss01/ .
>By George Sadowsky, Vice President, Education
>Professionals from around the world will be taught the
>design, operation, maintenance, and management of
>Internetworks when they attend the Internet Society's 8th
>Network Training Workshop for Countries in the Early Stages
>of Internetworking, 9-16 July 2000. More than 2000 previous
>graduates of this workshop and of its regional spin-offs
>have performed vital roles in setting up the Internet
>connections and networks in virtually every country that
>has connected to the Internet during the past six years. A new
>cadre of networking professionals will again be taught the
>technical and operational aspects of establishing and
>managing their national network infrastructures.
>The focus of the workshop is to assist countries that are
>developing and enhancing an initial national Internet. For
>all participants, attendance at the workshop includes
>attendance at INET'2000. Workshop participants will be able
>to attend the Developing Countries Networking Symposium on
>18 July 2000 at no charge if they preregister.
>The workshops are an outgrowth of, and build upon, the
>experiences of six similar workshops held during 1993-1999
>at Stanford University, U.S.A.; Czech Technical University,
>Prague, Czech Republic; University of Hawaii, U.S.A.;
>McGill University, Montreal, Canada; Petronas Training Center,
>Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Cité Universitaire, Geneva,
>Switzerland; and San Jose State University, U.S.A.
>The workshop activities will be held at the Shonan-Fujisawa
>campus of Keio University located about one half-hour from
>Yokohama, Japan. Transportation will be provided to Keio
>University and to the INET meeting in Yokohama.
>Attendees should be involved in planning to establish or in
>establishing the Internet's presence in their countries and
>regions; in institutionalizing its operation; and/or in
>assisting the country's schools and universities,
>governmental agencies, local firms, and residents in
>learning about and exploiting the range of services
>available through the Net. Since training will be given at
>a more advanced level this year than in the past,
>participants at the workshop will be expected to possess moderately
>significant experience with the Internet and with their
>areas of expertise.
>Staff members of international and bilateral technical
>cooperation agencies, as well as professionals having
>substantial involvement in international technical
>assistance activities, are also eligible for admission as
>space allows.
>The working language of the workshop will be English. Good
>comprehension of spoken and written English will be
>required of each participant. Some members of the instructional
>staff will have some degree of proficiency in languages other
>than English.
>Applications should be submitted as soon as possible but no
>later than 18 March 2000. If possible, applications should
>be submitted via the Web, using the Web format at
>http://www.isoc.org/cgi-bin/inet2000/ntw/apply. The
>announcement can be found at
>http://www.isoc.org/inet2000/ntw_info.shtml. Applications
>can also be submitted via e-mail if necessary.
>By Daniel Kaplan, Vice President, Membership,
>dkaplan a terra-nova.fr
>* "Membership" Working Groups
>Three groups will begin working shortly:
>1) Services to members and community building -- Empowering
>members, facilitating exchange and collaboration among
>members, enhancing member services.
>- Denis Pansu (France)
>- Gautam Sarathy (United Arab Emirates)
>- Stephen Loosley (Australia)
>2) Individual membership growth -- Developing material,
>actions, and campaigns in order to accelerate the worldwide
>growth of the Internet Society.
>- Gautam Sarathy (United Arab Emirates)
>- Lana Holt (United States)
>3) Web site: Members Only Section (together with Lance
>Laack, our Webmaster).
>- Carlos Vera (Ecuador)
>- Michael T. Keehan (United States)
>- Tedi Pyse (United States)
>If you're interested in contributing to these groups and
>still have not said so, please send me an e-mail.
>* Revitalizing the Members-Discuss List
>The members-discuss list is an open, all-topics discussion
>list among Internet Society members. It currently has about
>250 members. After an e-mail introduction by Johnnetta
>Jordan, several members have begun introducing themselves
>and stating their areas of interest. This is a good start
>towards setting up more focused discussion lists, as well
>as towards building a directory which could allow members to
>find out who shares their interests (professional or
>otherwise). To join the list, go to
>http://www.isoc.org/members/discuss/members.shtml .
>By Tarek Kamel, Vice President, Chapters,
>tkamel a idsc.gov.eg
>* Regional Chapter Council Meeting in Cairo -- March 2000
>ISOC is organizing the first regional meeting for the
>Chapter Council in Cairo on 5-6 March 2000 as a
>preconference event prior to the Cairo ICANN meetings. The
>Cairo ICANN meetings will take place from 7-10 March
>2000(see http://www.icann.org); ISOC is taking that
>opportunity to have a regional chapter meeting to start the
>activities of the chapter council. The first day will be
>dedicated to the African Chapters Meeting. We will discuss
>primarily African Internet-related issues, such as low-end
>connectivity solutions.
>The second day will be a regional Chapter Council meeting.
>It mainly is for representatives from Africa and Europe,
>representatives from other parts of the world are also most
>welcome to attend. ISOC-Egypt is the local host of the
>* DCISOC Will Host Reception for Dave Farber
>The Washington, D.C., chapter of ISOC (DCISOC) hosted a
>welcome reception for Dave Farber at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday,
>February 15, at the Masur Auditorium, in Building 10 of the
>National Institutes of Health, in Bethesda, Maryland.
>Dave Farber, an Internet pioneer and former Trustee of the
>Internet Society (among many other accomplishments), has
>been named Chief Technologist for the Federal
>Communications Commission. Vint Cerf, Don Heath, and other Internet
>notables from the area joined the D.C. Chapter in
>welcoming Dave (DCISOC's newest chapter member!) to the
>D.C. neighborhood -- the policy hub of the Internet world.
>DCISOC is honored to have Dave not only as a guest; he
>also agreed to be the keynote speaker. Knowledgeable,
>politically savvy, and articulate, Dave knows what
>technology is on the horizon (and even some not on the
>radar screens yet) as well as what issues will face us in the
>NIH will be taping the video and will make it available
>after the meeting in the NIH event archive:
>By David Maher, Vice President, Public
>Policy,dwmaher a ibm.net
>* The European Union and Top Level Domain Names
>In the public policy arena, there are plenty of new
>developments to fuel further debate.
>One of the proposals in the never-ending debate over domain
>names is the proposal by the European Union for a new top
>level domain (TLD), .eu. The EU has initiated a study on
>adding .eu as a new country code TLD and has asked for
>comments on six questions. Comments are due on 15 March
>2000 on the following:
>1) The model for the Registry organization2) The main
>criteria for the .eu Registry's registration policies.
>Should the registration policy be developed and implemented
>by the Registry organization, by a distinct consultative
>body, or by the European Commission itself?3) How should
>trademark disputes be resolved -- apply the WIPO disputes
>and trademark policies, alternative solutions, or create a
>role for the Office for the Harmonization of the Internal
>Market in Alicante?4) Should there be more protection of
>names and marks in the DNS, in addition to alternative
>dispute resolution?5) How should the .eu domain be managed
>in order to optimize its contribution to the development of
>electronic commerce in Europe?6) Is there anything else to
>consider about the relationships between the proposed .eu
>Registry and the national ccTLD Registries in the member
>More information is available at
>ocEN.html .
>* Global Internet Liberty Campaign
>ISOC is a member of the Global Internet Liberty Campaign
>(GILC), which has highlighted a number of issues that
>threaten individual privacy rights. One issue involves
>lawsuits filed in the United States by the motion picture
>industry against providers of information about the DVD
>content-scrambling system. GILC issued a statement pointing
>out that the information is legal and that the lawsuits
>"may have a harmful impact on free expression."
>GILC also has news about the new Australian Internet laws
>that took effect on 1 January 2000. These laws require, in
>some cases, the screening out of certain Web sites with
>adult themes. This has already caused Electronic Frontiers
>Australia (also a GILC member) to move its Web site to a
>server in the United States.
>GILC has other reports on developments in Russia, China,
>Israel, and other countries. More information is available
>at http://www.gilc.org/ .
>Inside ISOC--February 2000--Vol. 3, No. 2--editor a isoc.org
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