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Segnalo ai membri della lista l'annuncio che accludo qui sotto.
Faccio notare che, grazie ai fondi che ICANN ha ricevuto  da una
fondazione, diventare membri almeno per adesso ha costo zero. Essere
membri di ICANN ha il vantaggio di ricevere informazione fresca su
come evolve il sistema di governo dell'Internet a livello globale per
quanto riguarda la gestione dei nomi, dei numeri IP e la evoluzione
dei protocolli; inoltre, essendo membri di ICANN, si partecipera'
alla elezione di 9 dei 18 direttori (in Italia si direbbe membri del
consiglio di amministrazione) di ICANN. Per iscriversi, occorre
riempire un modulo elettronico che si trova alla pagina web:

Stefano Trumpy

ICANN Launches Membership Web Site for Individual Internet Users

Marina del Rey, CA, USA (25 February 2000) The Internet Corporation
for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) announces the launch of its At
Large Membership web site.

After considerable public input, the ICANN Board has developed this
program as a new way for Internet users from all over the globe to
participate directly in the ICANN process and help ensure the smooth
coordination of the Internet's technical infrastructure. Individuals
can begin registering today to become ICANN members at

The At Large Membership of ICANN will give individual members of
Internet communities worldwide a voice in the selection of Directors
to the ICANN Board. By becoming an ICANN member, individuals will
have an opportunity to become part of the ICANN "bottom-up" approach
to making policy concerning Internet Names and Addresses. ICANN
members will be able to receive regular news, updates and
announcements about ICANN activities and policy initiatives.

The basic requirements for applying to become an ICANN At Large member are:

* The completion of an online membership application,
* A working Internet email address; and
* A single physical residence verified by a postal mail address.

Thanks to a grant from the Markle Foundation, the initial launch of
ICANN's At Large Membership program has been funded without the need
for membership dues.

The ICANN Board will consider and adopt further policy about
composition and structure of the At Large Membership, and to
establish rules for the nomination and election of candidates for the
At Large Council, at the Board's next meeting, to be held March 9-10.
It is hoped that the target goal of 5000 members can be reached in
the next few weeks in order to move forward with the At Large
Elections later this year.


The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is a
non-profit, international corporation formed in September 1998 to
oversee a select set of Internet technical management functions
currently managed by the U.S. Government, or by its contractors and
volunteers. Specifically, ICANN is assuming responsibility for
coordinating the management of the domain name system (DNS), the
allocation of IP address space, the assignment of protocol
parameters, and the management of the root server system.


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