Registration Problems (IQShostmaster# 35301)

hostmaster a NAMESERVERS.COM hostmaster a NAMESERVERS.COM
Mer 19 Gen 2000 00:29:49 CET

We have been trying to register and and have received an
aray of errors.  Currently it looks as if has been completed, can
you verify that?  Secondly, we keep getting error messages for the

hostmaster a

This is the last email we received:

Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 23:06:48 +0100
To: domreg a
From: IT-NIC Database Management <hostmaster a>
Subject: Re: Registrazione dominio

Your e-mail:

>   From:    domreg a
>   Subject: Registrazione dominio
>   Date:    Tue, 18 Jan 2000 13:56:18 -0800
>   Msg-Id:  <200001182156.NAA30131 a>

has been processed by the IT-NIC Syntax Phase database software and
produced the following output:

Syntax Check Phase FAILED: [domain]

x400-domain: c=it; admd= ; prmd=platino;
org:         IL CROGIOLO
descr:       Geographical Italian Second Level Domain
admin-c:     AT3200-RIPE
tech-c:      JP377
postmaster:  JP377
zone-c:      JP377
remarks:     Fully-Managed
mnt-by:      WEBSTORAGE-MNT
changed:     hostmaster a 20000118
source:      IT-NIC
WARNING:     being a geographical domain, admd in x400-domain field must be
*ERROR*:     authorisation failed, request forwarded to maintainer

Syntax Check Phase OK: [person] ALESSANDRO TURETTA

Syntax Check Phase OK: [person] Julio Cesar Pereda

Objects that just generated a WARNING have been reset to the correct value
and have gotten over the syntax control phase.
Objects that just generated an *ERROR* have not gotten over the syntax
control phase. Please, submit them again.

Any object that has successfully bypassed the syntax phase is now submitted
to the semantics control phase.


If you have any questions about an error or warning message, please
contact <staff a>.

Sincerely Yours,
IT-NIC Database Maintenance Department Robot

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