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Jorge Sotelo jorge a GREATDOMAINS.COM
Gio 15 Giu 2000 07:32:44 CEST


I am sending this e-mail as I did not see the specific answer in your terms
and conditions or your legal file.  Our business is helping people sell the
domains they do not wish to own, in case we get a request to list or sell a
"  .it  " name we would like to know what your specific rules are, so that
we may stay in compliance.  I noticed that you do not have to be a resident
to own a top level domain.  Does this also mean that you do not mind that
they may be traded for profit in the secondary market?  Or for the
extensions that require residency n "Italy  " (.com. it  ) can these be sold
for profit provided that they are sold to another resident?

         Jorge Sotelo
         Client Services Supervisor

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