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Gio 15 Giu 2000 13:24:23 CEST

At 22.32 14/06/00 -0700, Jorge Sotelo wrote:

>I am sending this e-mail as I did not see the specific answer in your
>terms and conditions or your legal file.  Our business is helping people
>sell the domains they do not wish to own, in case we get a request to list
>or sell a "  .it  " name we would like to know what your specific rules
>are, so that we may stay in compliance.  I noticed that you do not have to
>be a resident to own a top level domain.  Does this also mean that you do
>not mind that they may be traded for profit in the secondary market?  Or
>for the extensions that require residency n "Italy  " (.com. it  ) can
>these be sold for profit provided that they are sold to another resident?
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In the meantime you will probably receive the official answer from our
President (I am only one member of the Naming Authority) I whould like to
specify that the rules now states that any UE resident may hold a .it domain.
The same rules says that the selling of the .it domain is not allowed even
if is under discussion the amendment of it.
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