Domain Registration

Your Travelshop Team info a TRAVELSHOP.COM.AU
Mar 7 Mar 2000 02:18:17 CET

To whom it may concern would like to enquire about registering their site in
Italy.  We would like our domain name to be in Italian.  Are you the people
I need to speak to or is there someone else (another company)?

If you are the people I need to talk to can you please firstly tell me:
1)      What is travelshop in Italian
2)      What is the cost of registering a domain name in Italy  how often do we
have to re register
3)      How we go about registering
4)      Any other information you think is important

Kind regards

Tara Spalding
Web Designer and Programmer
Travelshop - "A Better Way to Getaway"      P +618 9316 3888
890 Canning Highway                         F +618 9316 2198
Applecross  Western Australia 6153   taras a

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