Fax Received

support support a VERISIGN.COM
Ven 26 Maggio 2000 17:24:19 CEST

We have successfully received your 1 page fax at VeriSign on Fri 5/26/00
12:25 AM and will continue processing your order. Please allow one business
day to process submitted documents. If you have any questions regarding your
order, please contact us via e-mail at mailto:support a verisign.com or phone
between 5AM-6PM PT, Monday through Friday, at 650-429-3400 and speak with a
Customer Support Representative.

Please provide us with Reference ID: 02DDD000, Order Number:  and Common
Name:  should you need to contact us. We appreciate your business!

VeriSign Customer Support Representative
mailto:support a verisign.com

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