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Researched, Legitimate...
Work-At-Home Jobs and Opportunities!

                   ** HOMEWORKERS NEEDED **

Choose from hundreds of EASY JOBS and other opportunities that
are now available! Over 200 legitimate companies NOW HIRING!
Make excellent pay!

Yes!!... You can increase your income by performing assembly or
clerical work in your home!  Introducing the . . ..

                  Home Employment Directory
           (The Ultimate Work-At-Home Source Book)

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Who are these companies listed in our Home Employment Directory?

Over 200 EXCELLENT companies especially researched and selected
 - Now hiring people to work for them at home. There is a large
selection of jobs available. (See list below). The Home Employment
Directory is packed full of great home based jobs.

Our company has researched thousands of businesses that offer
home-based employment for over 16 years. We check on any
business that we are unfamiliar with before we accept them into
our program. Our vast experience allows us to use our insider
knowledge of this industry.  In addition, we check with there
local Better Business Bureau or with local government sources.
Most of the companies in our program have proven themselves and
have been with us for a long time. We also update our data on
these companies at least annually.

The Home Employment Directory offers the best work-at-home
employment opportunities in the USA and some in Canada.
This Directory includes the names and addresses of each company
with a full description of the assembly or clerical work offered.
Our goal at S M A is to provide you with the most up to date and current true opportunities for home work.

Most of the assembly opportunities require no special training,
skills, or equipment. Their instructions are easy to follow and
understand, and can be mastered immediately. Many of the companies
will train you to work with them and several of them provide work
that can also be done by disabled people.

If you are looking to find out about the best work-at-home
opportunities available on a national scale then this is the
information you've been looking for. Contact these companies
directly and work for as many as you like that is willing to pay
you to perform a service or task at home or based from your home.
Start making money for the things you've always wanted right from
the comforts of your own home.  It is by the far the best of
it's kind anywhere in the world. We guarantee it!

Why do companies employ home-based workers?  There are many reasons
but, the bottom line is cost. Companies can save money on: office
space, office equipment and machines, and not having to hire full
time employees when they won't need them year round. This can make
it less expensive for some companies to farm-out certain tasks or
jobs.  This is good news for people like you who are looking for
legitimate opportunities to make an extra income from home. The hard
part is finding these opportunities - but easily available to you
through the Home Employment Directory.

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A variety of work available!

Some of the EASY types of clerical work jobs available are:

Newspaper Clipping
Computer work
Consumer opinions
Greeting Service Compiling Names
Supermarket Promotion
Photography work
Artwork for greeting cards
Temp work Transcription work
Translation work
Writing assignments
And much more...

There are numerous companies offering a variety of products that
need assembly work. These products appeal to both men and women.
Some of the EASY types of assembly and craft work jobs available

Toys & gifts
Needle work
Electronic components
Leather products
String art stuffed animals
Baby burp pads
Art work for greeting cards
Potpourri - sachets Dough art
Wood puppets
Holiday decorations
Hand painting
Doll house furniture
And much more . . .

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Financial Freedom in your own home!!  Earn Money Immediately!

You can be part of the growing family of independent minded men
and women across the country who have decided to take their fate
into their own hands and wish to be their own boss. The financial
rewards can run from just a few HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS a week on a
part-time basis to THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS per month on a full-time
basis. It all depends on how hard a person is willing to
work to pursue his or her goals. You're only limited by your own
desires and motivation!

Your place of residence is unimportant! As long as the U.S.
Postal Service or United Parcel Service can make deliveries to
your address, you can enjoy the benefits of working at home.

This year 1.2 million employees will spend more than 35 hours per
week working at home in some form of formal arrangement with there
firm. That's more than a 30% increase from just one year ago!

Whatever your situation is... whether you're a housewife or
student, work part-time or full-time, even a senior citizen,
who is handicap, or just don't like the hassle of a regular 9:00 -
5:00 job... there are companies that will hire you to work in
your own home!


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