Domain Names dispute resolution

Griffini Giorgio grunz a TIN.IT
Lun 25 Set 2000 22:59:38 CEST

I will answer to your second question...

> 2.  Whether the Naming Authority or the Registration Authority are
members of ICANN or plan to become members in the future.

I'm not sure on what you exactly mean for 'members of ICANN'.
If you mean @large membership then please understand that the
membership status is not public so there is no way to know if any
individual which belong to NA or RA is an 'ICANN member' (in your meaning).
unless they disclose their status publicly.
Only ICANN 'staff' knows who are the 'members'.
AFAIK there are no ICANN 'employees' here although I think there may be
a reasonable number of  @large members into the NA and RA.
Anyway, taken as a whole (NA+RA) some of us are more than average
involved into ICANN by working or being interested into some DNSO
constituency, most notably the ccTLD and the ISP one. (and there are
also people involved in IETF...etc...)

Best regards
Giorgio Griffini

PS. To avoid bothering the mailing list (this last question is a little bit
not on-topic here), feel free to contact me directly if you need more info.

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