FC: Italy reportedly requires news sites to register, pay fees

WWWhatsup (by way of chiari mario <chiari.hm@flashnet.it>) joly a DTI.NET
Gio 12 Apr 2001 14:30:13 CEST


> the new law recently
> approved in Italy to extend the rules for the press and
> periodical press to web sites and electronic press.
> The new law states that EVERY web site has to be
> considered as a press product, and it has to print the name
> of the publisher (or the editor) and the city where it is
> published (whatever this could mean).
> If the site includes news or is updated periodically, which
> would be the case of a webzine or of a site with a news
> section, it falls under these following laws valid for
> newspapers and periodical press:
> 1) it has to declare a responsible managing editor, that has
> to be enlisted in the professional Order of Journalists 2) it has
> to pay a tax (of about 200$) 3) it has to be registered in the
> lists of the tribunal of the city where it is published.

> the entire text of the law (sorry, it's in
> Italian):
> http://www.interlex.it/testi/l01_62.htm

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