FC: Italy reportedly requires news sites to register, pay fees

Carlo Daffara cdaffara a MAIL.CONECTA.IT
Gio 12 Apr 2001 15:08:15 CEST

This is not true. The law talks about the extension of the benefits and
requirements of the press (that is, fiscal and financial benefits and
responsibility for the published materials). If you don't want the fiscal
benefits, just don't register as an online journal, and the law doesn't
apply to you. (directly from the words of the law promoter, at the
national "radio 24").
This is not to say that the law in itself is ok, (it is really badly
written in terms of clarity) but that it is not really against freedom of
cheers from Italy
                                                Carlo Daffara

On Thu, 12 Apr 2001, WWWhatsup wrote:

> http://www.politechbot.com/p-01911.html
> > the new law recently
> > approved in Italy to extend the rules for the press and
> > periodical press to web sites and electronic press.
> >
> > The new law states that EVERY web site has to be
> > considered as a press product, and it has to print the name
> > of the publisher (or the editor) and the city where it is
> > published (whatever this could mean).
> >
> > If the site includes news or is updated periodically, which
> > would be the case of a webzine or of a site with a news
> > section, it falls under these following laws valid for
> > newspapers and periodical press:
> >
> > 1) it has to declare a responsible managing editor, that has
> > to be enlisted in the professional Order of Journalists 2) it has
> > to pay a tax (of about 200$) 3) it has to be registered in the
> > lists of the tribunal of the city where it is published.
> >
> > the entire text of the law (sorry, it's in
> > Italian):
> >
> > http://www.interlex.it/testi/l01_62.htm
> >
> >

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