FC: Italy reportedly requires news sites to register, pay fees

Carlo Daffara cdaffara a MAIL.CONECTA.IT
Gio 12 Apr 2001 16:42:35 CEST

Dear all,
first of all, I am not a lawyer, and it shows :-)
But I have encountered bad laws in Italy for several years, and can say
for sure that there are many, many more bad laws actually "alive" in Italy
that are completely ignored. We have received several visits from the
PTT, made several recourses, and in general I ended up adapting myself
(and my company) in a country that has at least a 10% of laws that are
uncostitutional, wrong, in contradiction with others or with EU laws, or
all those things together.
This is the reason for my relative bland answer; we are still fighting the
SIAE requirements for another law, and waiting for the court in a recourse
against the PTT - so I know what it feels to be harassed by a government.
But: I am giving the (new, or old) government time to publish the
actuation decreet and see if it solves the problem.
                                                Carlo Daffara

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