Another sweetheart deal

Milton Mueller (by way of chiari mario <>) mueller a SYR.EDU
Gio 12 Apr 2001 18:48:04 CEST

<Note: it's great to get EDU away from Verisign, but why does US Dept of
Commerce always have to offer exclusive contracts to people they have
favored relations with? Haven't they ever heard of competition?>

Educause Awarded .Edu. The National Telecommunications and Information
Administration (NTIA) announced today that it intends to enter into a
cooperative agreement with Educause for the management of the .edu domain
name space. Only Educause was solicited to participate in the award of the
top-level domain, and the contract, for an initial 5-year period, will be
renewable indefinitely upon satisfactory performance. According to the
Educause press release, final terms of the proposed cooperative agreement
will be completed in the coming weeks.
-- April 11, 2001 --

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