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[18] New toilet emails medical info
The latest threat to Internet privacy may be soon be in your bathroom.

Several companies, including U.K.-based Twyford Bathroom, have developed
computerized toilets that perform tests on human waste. In doing so, they
can determine whether users have certain health problems, including
pregnancy, low fiber diet, and various diseases. These toilets can then send
this medical information over the Internet to a variety of recipients, such
as supermarkets (should there be any nutritional deficiencies). As one
bathroom expert quipped, "Why shouldn't toilets be linked to the Internet?"

These devices have drawn considerable alarm from many quarters as an
apparent invasion of privacy. One leading gastroenterologist expressed fears
that the high-technology toilets would "result in a lot of unnecessary
further testing." It is also unclear whether the manufacturers have
developed any specific systems or rules to prevent privacy abuses. However,
for the time being, it may be some time before these digital bathroom
appliances become widespread, mainly because they are still very expensive.
Indeed, a single Twyford Bathroom VIP toilet costs a hefty US $5 000.

See Michael Y. Park, "More Than an Average Joe's 'John'," Fox News, Aug. 9,
2001 at

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