E-resolution fa marcia indietro sulle MAP

exec-P-Andrea Monti (Studio Monti) amonti a UNICH.IT
Lun 3 Dic 2001 11:52:32 CET


> eResolution announced today that it is getting out of the business of arbitrating disputes under
> the UDRP. In a press release issued today (Nov. 30), the company notes that the ICANN dispute
> resolution system was "tilted from the outset" by giving complainants the privilege to choose
> the dispute resolution service provider.
> "The ICANN system," the press release continues, was "originally meant to allow for fair
> competition between accredited dispute resolution providers. But the accreditation as provider
> of the World Intellectual Property Organization, a United Nations agency which contributed the
> draft of the UDRP and whose purpose is to enhance the protection of intellectual property,
> tilted the balance from the outset. [Because] complainants tended to win significantly more
> often with some providers, notably WIPO, than with others, notably eResolution, [this created] a
> perception of bias from which the system never recovered." As a result: "the market share of
> eResolution kept on shrinking to a point where the proceeds no longer covered the costs of
> maintaining the service."

> Full disclosure department: I served (as did some of the other ICANNWatch editors) as an
> eResolution panelist, and I also helped, early on, to convince them to enter the UDRP scene --
> largely because some of us were, and continue to be, concerned about the prospect of any single
> dispute resolution service provider obtaining a monopoly over these services.
> It's too bad this didn't work out

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