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Lun 5 Feb 2001 16:27:13 CET

The au Domain Administration (auDA), a nonprofit company set up in
April 1999, has received official recognition and endorsement from
the Australian Government. Created for the purpose of becoming the
first industry self-regulatory body for the .au domain name space,
auDA was required to meet a certain criteria before receiving
governmental approval:
--that it be self-funding and not-for-profit;
--be accountable to members of the Internet community on both the
supply     and demand sides;
--adopt open, transparent and consultative processes;
--aim to enhance benefits to Internet users through the promotion
of competition, fair trading and provisions for consumer
protection and support;
--establish domain name dispute resolution mechanisms; and
--represent Australian Internet industry interests in the Internet
domain name system at national and international forums.
Further information about auDA can be found on the Web at
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