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Mer 25 Lug 2001 14:05:09 CEST

Saluti, vi invio questa sollecitazione che proviene dalla "casa
madre" ISOC. Personalmente, essendo anche coinvolto in ICANN, sono in
linea con quanto sostenuto da David Maher. Penso che una discussione
in merito potrebbe configurare una presa di posizione della Local
Internet Community italiana. Ho messo in cc il COESIN e la lista
della Naming Authority con l'intento di ricevere eventuali contributi
Stefano Trumpy

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>Dear Chapter Presidents and Points of Contact,
>The following press release deals with the domain naming system.  It
>captures the Internet Society stance with regard to recent steps
>taken in the United States to create a new top level domain.
>You are asked to post the release on your chapter web page and
>discuss this at chapter meetings.  Contact news organizations in
>your community to spread the word about these recent developments.
>Best regards,
>Terry Weigler
>ISOC Chapters Administrator
>11 July 2001
>Washington, DC -- The Internet Society (ISOC) believes that the recent
>introduction of a bill in the U.S. House of Representatives to create a new
>top level domain, ".kids," is a step in the wrong direction in the technical
>administration of the Internet.
>The U.S. Department of Commerce was instrumental in the creation, three
>years ago, of a new corporation, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names
>and Numbers (ICANN), which is charged with domain name system management,
>among other responsibilities. ICANN was created to provide a global system
>which will ultimately be able to take full responsibility for certain
>administrative duties that have historically been overseen by entities
>within the Department of Commerce. This is an important step forward in
>creating an international non-governmental structure to ensure that the
>Internet will grow and thrive.
>The introduction of proposed legislation to require the creation of a new
>top level domain is a direct threat to the authority of ICANN and goes
>counter to the U.S. Government's previous strong support for ICANN's
>responsibilities in this area. Whether or not the creation of a new domain
>directed to children is useful and socially desirable, the proposal in
>Congress creates far more problems than the new domain might solve. Among
>other things, the attempt to compel ICANN to create a new domain invites
>retaliatory moves by other governments. Many governments already have
>indicated some discomfort with the level of U.S. governmental control of the
>root server containing the central roster of top level domains. In addition,
>political interference in the authority of ICANN serves only to encourage
>the creation of other structures, including alternate root systems, that
>will ultimately result in fragmentation of the Internet.
>If the U.S. Congress finds that the merits of a new domain directed to
>children are sufficient to warrant some legislative action, creation of a
>domain such as ".kids.us" or ".kids.[state designation].us" would be far
>ISOC strongly urges the U.S. Congress to reject any attempts to micro-manage
>the domain name system. The developing procedures of ICANN to create new top
>level domains are the best avenue for promoting the fuller development of
>the Internet domain name system.
>The Internet Society <http://www.isoc.org/> is a non-profit,
>non-governmental, open membership organization whose worldwide individual
>and organization members make up a veritable "who's who" of the Internet
>industry. It provides leadership in technical and operational standards,
>policy issues, and education. ISOC hosts two annual Internet conferences
><http://www.isoc.org/isoc/conferences/>, trains people from all over the
>world in networking technologies, conducts workshops for educators, and
>publishes an award-winning magazine, OnTheInternet.
>ISOC provides an international forum to address the most important economic,
>political, social, ethical and legal initiatives influencing the evolution
>of the Internet. This includes facilitating discussions on key policy
>decisions such as taxation, copyright protection, privacy and
>confidentiality, and initiatives towards self-governance of the Internet.
>ISOC created the Internet Societal Task Force as an on-going forum for
>discussion, debate, and development of position papers, white papers, and
>statements on Internet related societal issues.
>ISOC is the organizational home of the International Engineering Task Force,
>the Internet Architecture Board, the Internet Engineering Steering Group,
>and the Internet Research Task Force - the standards setting and research
>arms of the Internet community. These organizations operate in an
>environment of bottom-up consensus building made possible through the
>participation of thousands of people from throughout the world.
>David Maher
>Vice President, Public Policy
>Internet Society
>Tel: +1 312 876 8055
>Fax: +1 312 876 7934
>Email: dwmaher a attglobal.net
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