Fw: URGENT: .BIZ Registry Phase I has opened - take steps to get the name you want...

MNT-VISCUSO - Vincenzo Viscuso (Viscuoso) enzo a ENZOVISCUSO.IT
Ven 8 Giu 2001 08:13:02 CEST

Finalmente abbiamo un Tld con maggior burocrazia del .IT !!!

Enzo Viscuso.

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Subject: URGENT: .BIZ Registry Phase I has opened - take steps to get the name you want...

       PHASE I of the .BIZ release is underway;
       Find out what steps you need to take...

.biz is one of seven new Web extensions that will be
introduced soon. Because this new extension is dedicated
to true businesses, we want to make sure that everyone
who is serious about their online identity has the
opportunity to get the name they want.

Steps you can take...
Act now to request* and sign up for the Trademark Notification
Service that will automatically notify you if someone else
successfully registers your company's trademarked name.
To keep a watch over your trademark and .biz name of choice,
sign up for the .biz Trademark Notification Service.

    1. A trademark holder is notified by the .biz registry
        if another party is successful in registering their
        trademarked name in a .biz extension.
    2. Anyone attempting to request a Domain Name in the .biz
        extension that matches a claimed term will be notified
        of the claim.
    3. Any disputes involving Domain Names based on claimed
        terms will be subject to a streamlined dispute
        resolution process called STOP (Start-up Trademark
        Opposition Policy).
    4. Domain Names in question will not function for a 30-day
        "cooling off period" while the dispute is placed in
        arbitration, preventing potential damage to the trademark
        holder's brand while the matter is being resolved.

If you haven't already done so...request your Domain Name of
choice! By requesting the .biz Domain Name you want, you
can better your chances of being able to "register" it once
the Registry opens up later on this year. Request the .biz
Domain Name you are interested in -- before it's too late.

Marcello Hunter
Retail Director
Namesecure Inc. 

P.S. The deadline for filing a Trademark Claim Form is
July 9, 2001. Assert your trademark rights now.

* Requesting a Domain Name does not mean that the Domain
Name will be successfully registered. There may be more
than one request for the same Domain Name via different
registrars or different customers of Namesecure.
If you are completing a form provided by us, we may contact
you at a later time to obtain additional information.
The top-level domain for which you are listing your request
may not be available for registration at this time. Except
as otherwise provided in a written agreement between you
and Namesecure, we will not submit any application,
form or other request for services to the applicable
registry before we receive your authorization to proceed
and to charge your credit card for the applicable charges.

**The Trademark Claim Form will be submitted by Namesecure
to the .biz registry which operates the services described 
above and Namesecure makes no representations or warranties 
in connection with the services. Submission of the Trademark 
Claim Form is for notification purposes only, and does not 
ensure your trademark will not be registered by another 
entity, and will not result in the registration of the 
trademark as a Domain Name.

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