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Sab 9 Giu 2001 07:33:41 CEST

You just have to visit web site:

Important readings:

the latter link states:

"4. Registration

Domain names within the ccTLD "it" can be assigned to subjects belonging
to a member state of the European Union. Associations without VAT
numbers or
fiscal code (or equivalent) and persons not owning a VAT number (or
equivalent) can register a single domain name, only."

Hope it helps.

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> "Futureweb St. Johann Patrick Neuner" wrote:
> hello,
> we are building a webinterface in austria for domain registrations and
> want
> to add .it domain registrations.
> what do we have to do and is anybody allowed to register a domain?
> or only italian companies.
> thanks you for your help
> patrick neuner.

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