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MNT-VISCUSO - Vincenzo Viscuso (Viscuoso) enzo a ENZOVISCUSO.IT
Dom 4 Mar 2001 20:25:58 CET

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Note: At this time, the central registry is supporting the registration of international character
domain names in an experimental testbed. International character domain names are not yet and may
not be functional on the Internet and cannot be used for Web hosting, email services or any other
DNS related activity. By registering international character domain names at this time you
understand and assume the risk that your domain name registration may be temporarily or permanently
suspended or denied based on further developments by Internet standard-setting bodies. In addition,
the encoding schemes, protocols and other international character-enabling technologies are not
within our control, are subject to change without notice and may not prevent other people from
registering the international character domain name that you have registered. You assume all risks
that such changes may disrupt, impair or or otherwise prevent your ability to use the international
character domain name you have registered.

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Whois Results for pubblicità.com


1stDomain Whois Server

Registered to:
  1031 Centre
  Wilmington, DE 19805

  Domain Name:
  Registered through:

  Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Zone Contact, Billing Contact:
    J R King Group J R King Group (JRKI100F) jrk a
    J R King Group
    1031 Centre
    Wilmington, de 19805
    + 1
    +1 (fax)

  Domain created: 2001-02-26.
  Domain last updated: 2001-02-26.
  Domain expires: 2002-02-26.

  No name servers for this domain.

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