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Mar 6 Mar 2001 07:49:40 CET

Claudio Allocchio wrote:
> > Ok, ma non sarebbe il caso che le NA europee prenderessero una posizione
> > pubblica (non alla cinese, ma di rispetto dei tempi IETF)?
> mi sembra che CENTR lo abbia gia' fatto, tempo fa, dicendo proprio quello
> che ho ricordat io sotto... Stefano dovrebbe avere il testo di quel
> comunicato.

Il documento di CENTR e' disponibile alla url:

Il testo e' il seguente:

Statement on Internationalised Domain Names

                                                        6 February 2001

       CENTR Members have recently considered the issue of
internationalised domain names (IDNs). At the present time, the Domain
Name System (DNS) is
       restricted to a subset of the ASCII character set (the characters
A- Z, a-z, 0-9, and the hyphen), although there are many proposals to
allow the use of
       characters in other language scripts.

       CENTR recognises the desire of users of different languages to
use their own character sets in domain names. It is also particularly
aware of the
       difficulties faced by users of languages that have non-Latin
character sets. Amongst the CENTR members alone, there are many
languages based on
       non-Latin characters (e.g., Arabic, Greek, Hebrew & Russian) or
those that use an extended alphabet (e.g., the Scandinavian languages).

       CENTR however, is concerned that the cultural and commercial
pressure for IDNs may lead to the adoption of proprietary solutions and
fragmentation of
       the Internet. Whilst various solutions always need to be
investigated and trialled in pursuit of unified standards, any
acceptable solution must provide
       backwards compatibility and allow existing services to work
ubiquitously across the Internet. This is not the case with many of the
existing solutions.

       It is the view of CENTR that the Internet Engineering Task Force
(IETF) is the most appropriate forum by which to formulate a global
standard for IDNs.
       The IETF has a long track record of developing open standards
that allow the Internet to work today, and CENTR Member Registries would
be extremely
       reluctant to adopt any technology not conforming to IETF

       CENTR also believes that many administrative issues need to be
considered before IDNs could actually be offered by its member
registries. These are
       beyond the scope of the current IETF work and include
modification of existing registration systems, provision of user
support, and development of user
       interfaces to support domain names from different locales.

       In conclusion, CENTR supports the introduction and use of IDNs
provided a global standard can be adopted. CENTR also strongly
recommends further
       investigation of the administrative issues related to the
introduction of IDNs.

                                          Issued jointly by CENTR
Technical Group & DNR Forum



> ciao!
> Claudio

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