[dichiarazione di Cerf] Re: ICANN Verisign Deal ?

vint cerf (by way of chiari mario <chiari.hm@flashnet.it>) vcerf a MCI.NET
Ven 9 Mar 2001 16:34:32 CET

1. this is not a done deal it is a proposal on the
table for discussion

2. Verisign registrar has lost about 50% of its
business (it had 100% share a year or two ago)
to competing registrars

3. under the CURRENT agreement, Verisign has to
divest its registrar operation and if it does so
by May 10 it automatically gets an extension of
the registry monopoly for four more years to
2007 - this is automatic as long as the divestiture
meets the terms of the CURRENT contract.

5. If Verisign does divest its registrar service
it can, like many others, RESELL the registrar services
of others, including the company to which it divests its
current registrar business - thus there is very little
customer impact for VeriSign in the divestiture. There
is already a credible, in my view, structural separation
of VeriSign's registry and registrar businesses.

6. The Internet community gets only modest benefit from
execution of the current contract. The proposal provides
significant benefits both to VeriSign and to the community
(if both did not benefit, the proposal would not have been
offered by VeriSign nor considered by ICANN).

Vint Cerf

At 01:07 PM 3/8/2001 -0500, Michael Burks wrote:
>any comments on this article?
>Mike Burks

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