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Mar 15 Maggio 2001 10:26:38 CEST

perchè sempre i soliti dall'Italia? vedi programma alla url indicata) m.

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Date: Mon, 14 May 2001 15:56:37 +0200
From: jrobin a (ColorNet Robin)

I thought I'd remind you that ISOC will at my initiative have two speaking
slots tomorrow at the OECD Global Ministerial Summit in Paris

ISTF Speakers will be Shalini Venturelli, on E Governance and Christine,
on the Societal impact of IPv6 stepping as both ISTF ISOC and IPv6 under
the aegis of Latif who was initially invited but has to chair the IPv6
summit in Canada this week


Well done, Robin.

No webcast :( - but the OECD presentations will be available
in PDF late Tuesday, I'd guess, at

A lot of interesting stuff on the OECD site, including
a Science & IT news round-up on

The IPv6 summit program is at

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