PGP and Cancellation

Brendan McLoughlin brendan a FUBRA.COM
Gio 1 Nov 2001 12:53:17 CET


Now that we are re-writing our internal systems to be adaptable for the
future growth; I am looking to raise two key issues.

The first is one is regarding PGP registrations. We feel that it is vital to
ensure proper practice that the RA implement a PGP signed system as an
optional extra to providers who want to support it if not a requirement for
all providers as with the .UK NIC.

I am not aware of any further developments on this matter and would be
interested to hear the current status and any expected dates for this PGP
system to be implemented.

The second issue is that of a Maintainer cancelling a domain, we understand
that if the domain is to be cancelled by the Registrant then they must send
a FAX to indicate their wishes for cancellation but on a technical note it
becomes difficult to administer large domain name systems if we are required
to send that FAX when the user no longer intends to pay us for their domain.

What I am proposing is a technical cancellation procedure where a Maintainer
can send an electronic template which will state that the domain should be
removed from that Maintainer into NO-PROVIDER-MNT status. At this point the
Italian RA would send an email to the admin-c stating that the domain has
been put in this state and is no longer usable and that if they would like
to keep the domain they should send a new LAR to the RA stating which new
provider/maintainer they want to transfer to or the domain will be cancelled
in 45 days or something like this.

My point here is that I am sure the Maintainers don't mind informing the
Italian RA which domains they would like to cancel but if this has to be
done by FAX instead of automatically by electronic template then this
becomes a more difficult task.

I am not fully following all developments so if this is already implemented
perhaps you could let me know and forgive me for this post.

Best wishes,

Brendan McLoughlin

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