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Gio 1 Nov 2001 20:33:57 CET

 Do you need new leads for your business ?
 Do you need increased Internet Exposure ?

 Thousands join the Internet daily.... ever since 1995
 Have you reached the thousands of new internet users?

 Search Engines: work IF you're in the TOP 20 among thousands
 Classifieds:    work IF your ad is near the top among thousands

 Banner Ads:     work IF you use top engines for a lot of money

 ALL 3 require prospects TO FIND YOU FIRST among thousands.

 Did you know that there is a method of marketing that costs
 pennies but have the same effect as direct postal mail?

 AND THEY DONT HAVE TO FIND YOU ... bring it straigt on ...

 You can now compete with the big boys, with exposure in
 mass numbers, without expensive investments such as those
 associated with TV, radio, direct postal mail, or telemarketing.

 THE SOLUTION  ...  E-mail Marketing

 E-mail Marketing is a proven method to reach a global market
 with a small investment. It is more advantageous than conventional
 marketing. The prospects are millions and can be reached for much
 less than conventional methods.

    Send your ad to millions

        nationwide, by state, country  or  worldwide.

 ACT NOW   and   reach your untapped internet market !

 Call :     6 2 6   8 2 1   3 1 5 0

 Mention your   1) name     2) tel     3) service needed

       ACT NOW   and   reach your untapped internet market !

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