FYI: [ALSC-Forum] Fwd: IP-FLASH ICANN replies to ACLU protest of $5,000 leafleting charge

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>[ That was not the impression given before. I assume that there will be
>those who want to distribute "political" and printed non commercial
>material will be allowed to do so with no constraint. djf { I had been led
>to believe that companies enjoy first amendment rights also but hay I am
>not a lawyer :-) } ]
>>From: "Andrew McLaughlin" <mclaughlin a>
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>>Subject: RE: ACLU protests ICANN demand of $5,000 to leaflet at meeting
>>Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2001 13:08:24 -0800
>>The complaint is mistaken.  ICANN holds open meetings, free to attend, with
>>open mike sessions for public comment.  People have always been allowed to
>>distribute policy drafts, proposals, RFCs, resolutions, etc.  The meeting is
>>not, however, a trade show, and we don't want companies to use it for
>>marketing purposes.  So the distribution of commercial literature is
>>restricted to sponsors.  That's SOP for meetings like this.

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