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Stroobant Luc l.s a PANDORA.BE
Mer 21 Nov 2001 12:37:25 CET

Dear Sir,

We are two students working on an academic project that investigates the used serversoftware. From the information we gather, we can generate statistics about for example the percentage of IIS servers to the percentage of Apaeche servers. We can also research the sensitivity to exploits of these systems.

Our software has ended the Alpha stadium and almost the Beta stadium. We are now seeking countries that wish to participate in this project.
The source of our program is a list with domain names. Would it be possible to receive a list of all registered domain names in your domain ?
We are not interested in information that would violate the privacy of the owners of the domain names.
Our project isn't meant to be commercial, it is only intended for academic research in order to graduate from university.

It would be very interesting for us to run our project on different top level domains. The discussion of these results is a very important part of our thesis (academical project) and will be published in our project's book. We won't publish which servers are vulnerable, only what percentage. No abuse will be able to result from the information we publish.

Looking forward to your cooperation,

Luc Stroobant & Kristof Vertongen

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