doppio sorry: Re: Rejected posting to ITA-PE a LISTSERV.NIC.IT

chiari mario a FLASHNET.IT
Mar 25 Set 2001 10:53:56 CEST

Ops, ma allora ita-pe funziona!!!!!!!!!
e a Parma ha smesso di piovere! :-) m.

At 10.42 25/09/01 +0200, you wrote:
>Your message  is being returned to  you unprocessed because it  appears to
>already been distributed to the ITA-PE  list. That is, a message with
>text (but  possibly with different  mail headers) has  been posted to  the
>recently, either by you or by someone else. If you have a good reason to
>this message  to the  list (for instance  because you have  been notified
of a
>hardware failure with  loss of data), please  alter the text of  the
message in
>some way and resend  it to the list. Note that altering  the "Subject:"
line or
>adding blank lines at  the top or bottom of the message  is not
sufficient; you
>should  instead add  a  sentence or  two  at  the top  explaining  why you
>resending the  message, so that the  other subscribers understand why
they are
>getting two copies of the same message.
>------------------------ Rejected message (308 lines) ---------

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