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[Thanks to Tom Tam for this pointer. Some excerpts from the original article
from the Ottawa Citizen - BSA]

An e-mail filter that uses the technology that made Napster famous might
soon save e-mail in-boxes from spam.

Code-named Folsom, the software works on a peer-to-peer network and allows a
user to flag junk e-mail. Because it operates on a peer-to-peer basis, it
can share files with other members of a network.

Folsom will automatically transmit data identifying flagged spam, preventing
e-mail from reaching mailboxes anywhere on its network.

Folsom was created by the same people who developed Napster.

The first Folsom user to open a spam message acts like the "town crier,"
alerting everyone else to the spam and filtering it out of other in-boxes.

Creators of the software said testing Folsom in e-mail streams that
contained 40 and 60 per cent spam showed it could cut junk mail to nearly

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