One day left: sign against Italian Government interference into .it ccTLD

Ron Norton padanius a YAHOO.COM
Mer 18 Dic 2002 09:46:32 CET

Please forward to interested groups:

A petition is online at
to try to avoid that the .it registry (for Italian
domain names) goes into the hands of the Italian

This week, on Dec. 20, in Rome, Italy, following a
move that is trying to deprive the Italian Internet
users administration and management their own ccTLD
the Italian Ministry of Communication will held a
closed-door meeting to decide on the establishment of
a new Government sponsored Foundation that will impose
rules on all .it domains, as well as rule on the
"deployment of Internet" in the country. The proposed
Foundation will include a majority in the Executive
Committee nominated by various Government offices,
including a representative from the Ministry of
Interiors (police). The name of the Foundation is
rumoured to be "Fondazione Antonio Meucci", the
Italian inventor of the telephone.

The Government decision comes at the same time of a
similar contradictory the decision of the current
ICANN registered body for .it registrations (the
Italian National Research Institute (CNR-IAT, to unilateraly dismiss the
user elected body "Italian Naming Authority
(" as the technical council to
set rules for .it domain registration. The Italian
Naming Authority is a non profit, technical body
comprising some of the best and well known experts of
Internet that has so far set rules for the
registration of .it domains.

Several representatives of the Italian Internet
community are opposing both moves, and are promoting a
return of "democratic" and technical ruling of the .it
domains, vs. a proposed political dominance. They are
against any imposed attempt to interfere with
established Internet names registration policies in

For more information, please visit : (Italian) (English)

Further references at :
(government sponsored proposal)

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