FYI: [icann-announce] Five days remaining to complete DNSO Names Council UDRP Questionnaire

by way of chiari mario <> icann-announce a ICANN.ORG
Sab 2 Feb 2002 15:07:48 CET

As previously announced, the ICANN Domain Name Supporting Organization's
Names Council is conducting a study of the Uniform Domain-Name
Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP).  In connection with this study, a
questionnaire on experiences with and opinions about the UDRP has been
posted on the ICANN web site.  The results of this questionnaire will be
used to assist in evaluating the operation of the UDRP and to develop
recommendations for improvements.

The last day to submit responses to the UDRP survey is 6 FEBRUARY 2002.

The questionnaire is available as an online form on ICANN's website in
English, French, and Spanish.  It can be reached by the links below:

English version <>

French version <>

Spanish version <>

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