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Arlene Lucille23743729 a BIMAMAIL.COM
Ven 26 Lug 2002 22:27:23 CEST

On January 1st 2002, the European countries began
using the new Euro.  Never before have so
many countries with such powerful economies united
to use a single currency.  Get your piece of history
now!  We would like to send you a FREE Euro
and a FREE report on world currency.  Just visit
our site to request your Euro and Euro report:

In addition to our currency report, you can receive

*  Learn how $10,000 in options will leverage $1,000,000 in
Euro Currency. This means even a small movement in the market
has huge profit potential.

If you are over age 18 and have some risk capital, it's
important that you find out how the Euro will
change the economic world and how you can profit!


$10,000 minimum investment

Investing in Forex Currency options is speculative and includes a
high degree of risk. Investors can and do lose money. To OptOut.

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