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            == PAY 20 BUCKS A MONTH FOR WEB DESIGN ==

For only $20 a month your web site and Domain Name will be DESIGNED, REGISTERED and HOSTED!

Tired of the ongoing hassle with your website? Is your "Webmaster" doing his job?

We will PLAN, BUILD, and MAINTAIN your Web Domain for $20 a month!

We include everything from Domain name purchase to design and hosting.

Details on what you get for only $20 a month! NO SETUP FEES, NO PREPAID FEES!

Call 1-877-684-0179 for our 24hr. toll free message line with more detailed information.

Your web page designed by our team with up to 2000 words of text
(that's about THREE 8 1/2"x11" pages) your logo, and 9 graphics.
Choose appropriate background and graphics from our extensive library.
If you prefer you can e-mail us your own graphics. (Must be in GIF or JPEG format).

Set up and hosting of your pages for 1 full year. (No need to learn HTML code or hire a webmaster).
We'll design and install your page on the web, where everyone will be able to see it.
You will be able to make changes/updates to your page simply by sending us e-mail
or use our simple web based 'Type Over A Webpage Tool' your choice.

Your own unique World Wide Web address (URL): http://
(yournamecan be yourcompanyname or any name of your choice).
No InterNIC registration fee! We Pay the Fee!

Unlimited email addresses at Your own unique World Wide Web email address

Unlimited traffic to your page and Great SPEED! FREE link to your E-mail Address.

Unlimited "hot links" to your autoresponders, or other web pages you might have on the Internet. You may also add affiliate banners to your page.

Unlimited updates/changes (via e-mail) to your page for two weeks
after the initial design and set up is done to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your page.
Afterward you may update/change your page twice during the year - free of charge.
If you for any reason will want more changes, each additional update/change will be charged a nominal $15 fee.
NOTE: We'll never charge you if you only change a word or two or if we have to update your phone number or e-mail.
However, if you at any time decide to completely redesign your page (more than 70% of content) a $59 fee applies.

After one year, you can renew the hosting of your page(s) for another year at the rate of $99.00.
All additional options are only charged once. (No fee at renewal.)

No hidden costs, no small print, no gimmicks, nothing more to buy!

ALL THIS FOR ONLY $20 a month!

Stop procrastinating and take advantage of this fantastic offer!

Call for details NOW: 1-877-684-0179 (examples available)

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