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Ven 4 Ott 2002 12:57:24 CEST

Use existing paper catalogues for e-commerce on the Internet!
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Printed paper catalogues can now be converted into pure HTML
while fully maintaining the appearance of paper documents
even for complex layouts and tables so that the HTML documents
look and feel ex-actly the same as the paper version.

You are on the Internet within days and at minimal costs.
No peparation, no data entry! Use existing paper catalogues!
This new product is called ELECAT. You can find samples
and all the details on:

The contents of DTP files from Quark Xpress or Pagemaker
or even scanned plain paper originals are converted into
pure HTML for immediate use with the latest Internet browsers.
Even HyperLinks on article numbers are automatically created.

This is the only DTP to HTML converter that really works!
For the first time the proven layout of printed product
catalogues can be used on the Internet opening the door
to e-commerce systems built on existing printed material.

Massive savings over "traditional" methods
The costs involved are tiny compared to the traditional route.
Most importantly: all the data needed to create online
catalogues for e-commerce already exists in paper catalogues.
Manufacturers and dealers get online within days, with
all existing product data, at no cost of building and
maintaining an Internet database, no staff needed for
data preparation or editing and no costs for redesigning
data just for the Internet.

For e-commerce between businesses, maintaining a recognisable,
proven layout for the Internet is easily the best solution!
Paper catalogues have been carefully designed to provide
maximum impact and now all this investment can be used for
the Internet almost for free. This maximises the advantages
of the Internet while retaining those of familiar paper
catalogues with their proven layout. Now, there is only
one single layout for paper, Internet and CD-ROM.

Innovative technology produces pure HTML
Pages are recomposed from pure HTML using CSS.
They contain links on article numbers, pages or
special action links. HTML pages offer the many
advantages of the Internet, they are transferred
much faster than PDF files and all the contents
are available to Internet spiders.

Available now
The conversion of DTP files or plain paper to HTML
is available now at very low cost. The product is
called ELECAT and you find further details on: or use the product name as
an address.

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E-Commerce mit Papier-Katalogen
Unsere brandneue Software ELECAT konvertiert gedruckte
Produkt-Kataloge 1:1 in HTML, wobei das be

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