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Claudio Allocchio Claudio.Allocchio a GARR.IT
Gio 17 Ott 2002 13:04:27 CEST

gli ho gia' risposto io, ma se volete divertirvi ulteriormente... ecco qui.

A cosa servono i domini? ma a fare tanti soldini, ovviamente



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Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2002 00:25:25 +0200
From: giovanni <qreymer a>
To: 'Claudio Allocchio' <Claudio.Allocchio a>
Subject: SV:

True, I do want to create english sentences with the domain name(all
company related), but I can't see whats wrong with that, as people can
buy and so on.
I can easily earn money buy having the domain, I would start
diffrent services and the company would be named do / I would
offer email services and bouncers, proxys and alot of stuff.
would a company named be able to buy the domain name?
Thanks for the fast reply.

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