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Dear Lt Emilio Boassi

I am Mr. James Zulus an Auditor with the Union Bank
of Nigeria Plc. unofficially was also by a private
arrangement, the Financial Adviser to Mr. Anthony
Collins a Mexican national, who used to work with
Shell Development Company in Nigeria and as well a one
time secret agent in transferring money overseas for
the late head of state of Nigeria.

On 21st of April 2001, my client, Mr. Anthony Collins
was involved in a car accident along Lagos-Ibadan
express road with his family, which all occupants of
the motor died. My Client {Anthony Collins} deposited
as family belongings a CONSIGNMENT {containing
US$25million dollars} In a security and Finance
company in Europe, which he kept the documents in my
Custody with the Bank for security purpose.

Since his death, I have made several inquiries through
their embassy to locate any of my clients extended
relatives alive anywhere on earth, but unfortunately,
this has so far been futile and unsuccessful, as no
such relations of his seem to exist. After these
several unsuccessful attempts. I decided to check his
entire file, and used it to apply for transcript of
his death certificate. To the glory of God, I have
successfully done that I am now contacting you to
assist me in claiming back the money left behind by my
client with the Finance Firm in Europe, before they
get confiscated or declared unserviceable by the
Finance Firm in Europe where this huge deposit was
lodged.  I already start contacting the finance Firm
in Europe, as the Sole Administrator of the estates of
my late client, Mr. Anthony Collins and the
re-cooperating very well, as they have issued me a
notice to provide the next of kin/Beneficiary of the
said $25m, within the next 21 working days, or have
the deposited confiscated and forfeited to the Europe
based Finance Firm.

Since I have been unsuccessful in locating the
relatives for almost two years now, I now seek your
consent and/or your cooperation and permission, to
present you as the next of kin of the deceased Mr.
Anthony Collins, and the sole beneficiary to his
estates, so that this US$25 million dollars can be
paid to you and then you and I can share the money.
80% for me and 20% for you, no sweat and no story. It
is A DEAL, so if I have your consent, I have all
necessary legal documents that can be used to back up
any claim we may make. All I require is your honest
cooperation to enable us pull this deal through. I
guarantee that this will be executed under a
legitimate arrangement, which you are 100% not guilty
of any law, and will not be engaging in either a
crime, or illegality, by doing this deal with me. If
you have question about this transaction feel free to
ask me.

Please get in touch with me through my fax number:
+234-803-7151442, Or Email me on my confidential box: jameszulus2 a

Pls. treat with utmost warm respect.

Best regards,

Mr.James Zulus

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