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Gio 6 Feb 2003 09:26:39 CET

If you are not a lawyer this email has been sent to you as mistake. Please
email back and write mistake in the subject line.

If you are a lawyer we believe you should spend a large amount of money in
communications. Now a lot of money can be saved.

LAWYER-NET is a service designed for Lawyer Firms wishing to set-up their own private vocal network.

Features include vocal call from pc to pc (world wide) or land line, from web page to pc or landline and from email to pc or landline.

Spending 20 euro monthly you may call and talk as long as you like (pc to pc). You can get more information visiting

No investment is required.

We believe that facts are more important then words. Go to download software and start to use it free of charge.

Best regards
The staff of LAWYER-NET

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