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Ven 7 Feb 2003 00:36:59 CET


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Hi, I'm Miranda.  Maybe you can help me.
I am an isolated 25 year old, lonely, but very sensual housewife.
I work out regularly and I am 5'6", 110 lbs, and a fiery redhead!
I really enjoy lovemaking and want it all the time.  However,
My husband's business requires that he travels just about
every week.  He is not home often enough to satisfy
my very high sex drive!  Once or twice a month is just
NOT enough for me...I need it alot more than that!

A few months ago, a girlfriend of mine showed me this
website called FHW, that was created by women just
like myself who needed more!  It seems there are alot of
lonely married women looking for horny and very "discreet"
boyfriends on the side to help them stay satisfied.
We all just decided to do something about it!

If you are looking for safe, discreet, erotic
experiences with no commitments, come to our site!
You can see my ad and thousands of others too!
That neighborhood hottie down the street just might
be waiting for you to call or email her!  Who knows,
you could be be having the time of your life tonight!
Believe me, these women know what sexuality is all about!
Go see for yourself at-

The direct link to the site is:

or that site is too busy just go to

To be extracted from our mailing database
just send us a note to eraser875 a freetimemaster.com
with NoFHW4ME123 in the subject line, and we will exclude
you from future mailings.  Or, just touch the link below to
set up an email to us-
mailto:eraser875 a freetimemaster.com?subject=NoFHW4ME123


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