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Mar 25 Feb 2003 10:06:17 CET

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Dear Sir/Madam:

PANFINE GROUP, since 1982
The Reliable Partner: Stable Cooperation, Truly Support With Coordination & Understanding

Are you seeking partner in China?   Where is it?  Here Panfine is!

"PANFINE GROUP" is very suitable for customers who need a partner's resource & production in China.

Services: (Location in Shanghai, China)

1. Precision Components (CNC Lathe):  Electronic, Computer Hardware, Medical Device, Optical-Fiber Instrument, Communication Equipment, Food Hardware, Pneumatic Tools, etc and any parts.
2. Wireless Solution
3. Action Scanners
4. 4-lens Camera (Action Sampler)
5. General Merchandise: Bike, Beauty Care Implement, and Toy¡Ketc.
6. Industrial Items: Battery Button, Cable Tie, Ferrite Core, Electronic Transformer,
and Safety Gear Product¡Ketc.

If you are looking for more profit or reducing cost for business, please contact with us immediately.  We wish you having a great success in business!

Best regards,

Kimberly Chu for
Panfine Creations Corp. (030225-2)

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