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Dom 5 Gen 2003 12:02:25 CET

Make money like the Pro's do..

2002 was not fun for most market players, but many members of our chat room
and newsletter had the best years of their careers....

Our Daily Stock Picks would top every list if it was tracked by the
reporting services....ahead over 600 points since May 1st - meaning over $60,000 profit if you had traded just 100 shares on each trading opportunity.

We are re-doubling our commitment to get our newsletter members to at least
8 out of 10 winning trade average.

Our goal is to create the biggest, most successful trading community on the
internet. One in which more people make more money than any other trading

If you have any ideas how we can do this better, faster, and easier for
you -- our clients, please let us know.

We hope you will accept our most sincere gratitude for allowing us to
participate in your market education and training. If there is anything we
can do to help you reach your trading and investing goals in 2003, we invite
you to ask us so we can try to deliver it sooner, rather than later.

For those of you who have not yet taken the FREE 2 week trial sign up now at
We wish you all the happiness and success you deserve in your life and in your 

Warmest regards,

The Trading Team


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