Membership Status Notification

Lucy Peterson offeran a AOL.COM
Dom 19 Gen 2003 17:43:21 CET

Dear Free Member,

You were gifted a free membership in cash
wave generator.  Our records indicate your
membership is about to expire and you have
not locked in your cash wave income or your
elegiblilty for the $500 by registering for
your free position.  If you do not register,
you will forfeit all commissions from spillover.

To confirm your interest in registering, use the link
mailto:workinathome a

You will receive an email with instructions
and where to go to register and secure your
commissions from spillover and your elegibility
for the $500.

Cash Wave Generator Administration
1-800-242-0363, ext. 1993

To be excluded from future notices:
mailto:guaranteed4u a


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