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I thought you might be interested in getting in-depth knowledge
about your web audience and web traffic patterns in a reliable
and cost-effective way.

Stop Guessing - Start Knowing!
- CoolStats measures web site traffic and online behavior of
  your visitors.
- CoolStats will help you understand how to optimize your site
  to meet the needs of your visitors.
- You get access to detailed, real-time statistical analysis of
  your web pages - 24 hours a day. Click at
  http://www.coolstats.com/viewdemo/index.html to view Online Demo.
- CoolStats is the ultimate real-time tracking solution for
  small and mid-sized businesses.
- 100% accuracy by measuring activity at the client, not via
  server based log files.
- The fee of $24.95 is minimal compared to what it would cost
  you to run a tracking service yourself!

Why CoolStats?
- no programming to do
- no servers to maintain
- no software applications to install

Click at
to Sign Up now!

"We needed to make business sense out of our web visitor behavior -
CoolStats delivers first-class graphical reports that help us
continuously improve and optimize our website to match the
requirements of our target audience." BRYAN KASHILIN, BOSTON

Click at http://www.coolstats.com/product/customerref.html to
check what other customers say about us!

For more information about our website tracking services,
please visit our website or contact me directly at the below
email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,
Helen Baker
CoolStats Support
Email: helen_baker a coolstats.com

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