Abacha Mohemmed abacha a POPMAIL.COM
Gio 6 Mar 2003 19:23:21 CET

Dear Sir,

I am Mohammed Abacha, the eldest son of the late president of Nigeria, i was falsely acussed of murder and as such was imprisoned, but thanks to Allah, i have been released for my innosence. Well dear friend i need your assistance in transfering some of my money into your account, because the government is making plans to seize them, as they did to my fathers own.Please view these site and read it's content carefully.

The ammount is $29 million in a Security Abroad. All that is needed is
for me to instruct the company to transfer the funds to your account, i will renumerate you with 20 t the end, but most of all is that i solicit your trust in this transaction. I have been confined only to Kano and all my calls are monitored,So i will get my private attorney to get you the needed Informations.

Best Regards
Mohammed Abacha

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