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Official investigation into the decision to go to war in Iraq seems
to have fizzled out in the United States, along with such other
inconvenient matters as Bush Administration policy on torture.
But in the United Kingdom, at least, the origins of the Iraq war
are still something of a live issue.

According to a recent article in the New Statesman, British
Attorney General Lord Goldsmith was pressured by the US government
in 2003 to advise the British government that unilateral military
action in Iraq would be legal even without specific authorization
from the United Nations.

Lord Goldsmith had initially been a skeptic on this point, the
Statesman article said, but his mind was changed by a February
2003 meeting with John B. Bellinger III of the National Security
Council.  The White House telephone directory identifies Mr.
Bellinger as Senior Associate Counsel to the President and NSC
Legal Adviser.

See "The law chief who bowed to Blair" by John Kampfner, New
Statesman, November 22:


Exactly what did Mr. Bellinger of the NSC tell Lord Goldsmith in
2003 to change his mind?

That's what Glenda Jackson, the brilliant actress who is now a
Member of Parliament for the Labour Party, wanted to know.

She posed the question to the UK Solicitor General on November 30.

The answer came back: "These were confidential Government to
Government discussions and their content is covered by legal
professional privilege."  See:


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